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Properties of Metalloids


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What are the Properties of Metalloids? Definition of Metalloids
What is the definition of Metalloids? The Metalloids, or semi-metals, are elements with properties intermediate between metals and non-metals.

Properties of Metalloids - What are the Physical Properties of Metalloids?
What are the Physical Properties of Metalloids?

The Physical properties of Metalloids are the characteristics that can be observed without changing the substance of the elements in a group into other substances. Physical properties are usually those that can be observed using our senses such as color, luster, freezing point, boiling point, melting point, density, hardness and odor. Metalloids have mixed properties which are difficult to characterize.

The Physical Properties that are generally associated with Metalloids are as follows:

State of Matter: Solid

Luster: Metallic lustre

Elasticity: Brittle

Conductivity: Semi-conductive. Average transmission of heat.

Properties of Metalloids - What are the Chemical Properties of Metalloids?
What are the Chemical Properties of Metalloids? They are the characteristics that determine how they will react with other substances or change from one substance to another. The better we know the nature of the substance the better we are able to understand it. Chemical properties are only observable during a chemical reaction. Reactions to substances may be brought about by changes brought about by burning, rusting, heating, exploding, tarnishing etc. The Chemical Properties of Metalloids are as follows:

Oxidation:  Readily form glasses

Alloys: Form alloys with metals

*Allotropic: Several metallic and non-metallic allotropic forms

Melting: Some metalloids contract on melting

Compounds: Reacts with the halogens to form compounds

*Allotropic - Allotropes are forms of an element with different physical and chemical properties occurring in two or more crystalline forms in the same physical state.

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