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The Element Ununhexium


"The Atom"

History and Discovery of the Ununhexium Element
The element was discovered on July 19, 2000 by scientists working at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia together with scientists from the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The scientists produced ununhexium by bombarding atoms of curium-248 with ions of calcium-48.

This produced ununhexium-292, an isotope with a half-life of about 0.6 milliseconds (0.0006 seconds), and four free neutrons. Element 116, Ununhexium - will probably be a basic metal.Nearly 75% of all the elements in the Periodic Table are classified as metals which are detailed in the List of Metals.

The Ununhexium Element
This element is a radioactive a synthetic super-heavy element and is artificially produced. Ununhexium is a temporary name taken from Latin meaning one-one-six. It is not found free in the environment as it is a synthetic element. This element is a solid. The Atomic Number of this element is 116 and the Element Symbol is Uuh.

Ununhexium currently has no uses outside of basic scientific research.

The Properties of the Ununhexium Element
Atomic Number: 116
Atomic Weight: 291

Ununhexium and the Periodic Table
Period Number: 7
Group Number: 16
Group Name: Chalcogen

Abundances of Ununhexium
% in Universe N/A
% in Sun None
% in Meteorites None
% in Earth's Crust None
% in Oceans None
% in Humans None

Ununhexium - IUPAC and the Modern Standardised Periodic Table
The Standardised Periodic Table in use today was agreed by the International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry, IUPAC, in 1985 and now recognises more periods and elements than Dimitri Mendeleev knew in his day but still all fitting into his concept of  the "Periodic Table" in which Ununhexium is just one element that can be found.

The Properties of the Ununhexium Element
Name of Element : Ununhexium
Symbol of Element : Uuh
Atomic Number of Ununhexium : 116
Atomic Weight: 291
Atomic Mass: Unknown
Melting Point: Unknown
Boiling Point: Unknown
Crystal Structure: Unknown
Density Unknown
Color of Ununhexium : Unknown

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